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Safety&Quality Statement

    Safety and Quality Policy Statement of State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation
As the executor and driving force of the introduction, project construction and self-reliance development of the 3rd generation nuclear power technology, State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (abbreviated as SNPTC) is dedicated itself to using nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, and bringing benefit to mankind. To guarantee the construction quality and operation safety of the 3rd generation nuclear power, the corporation states its safety and quality policy as follows:
    1. Conscientiously carry out the national policy of "developing nuclear power efficiently based on safety", strictly abide by the related national laws, regulations, and the requirements for the management of nuclear power safety and quality made by government departments.
    2. "Safety First, Quality First” is the guideline for all the work. Safety is the lifeline of the development of nuclear power, and quality is the foundation and guarantee for safety. Regardless of the conditions, all the work concerning R&D, designing, manufacturing, construction and operation must be determined with safety and quality as prerequisites.
    3. Bearing “Safety is foremost” in mind, we will deal with all the work concerning safety and quality with questioning attitude, rigorous and prudent approach as well as communication to keep on improving.
    4. Sticking to the working concept of “Plan, Do, Check, Act”, we will launch rigorous and effective process control, work in a proper way, prevent potential problems from occurring, and do all the work right the first time to constantly enhance our work.
    5. We shall clarify the responsibility of safety and quality, and use the supervision mechanism to its full capabilities. All the managers, operators and inspectors shall work to guarantee safety and quality in a harmonious and effective way.
    6. We shall work in an open way, accepting and welcoming the supervision by the public and society. All the staff has the right and responsibility of reporting to authorities at various levels and correcting any acts that may harm safety and quality.
All the staff of SNPTC shall take the above-mentioned policy as their rule of working and behavior, to realize the corporation’s objective of safety and quality, protect the health of society, environment and the public, and promote the sound development of nuclear power industry.

SNPAS Quality Policy
    Strengthen Process Management, Contribute to Continuous Improvements, Pursue High Quality, Provide Satisfactory Service

SNPAS Environmental Policy
    People Oriented, Protect Environment, Abide by Rules, Construct Green Environment

    Healthy and Safe, Risk Management, Abidance by Rules, Continuous Improvement