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CAP1400 PWR Demonstration Engineering Localized I&C Equipments Development P

Update:2012/12/27 Source:General Management Office Author:Ye Jianguo
      In the afternoon of 25th Dec, 2012, State Nuclear Power Automation System Engineering Company (hereinafter referred to as “SNPAS”) and State Nuclear Power Engineering Company (hereinafter referred to as “SNPEC”) held the signing ceremony for “CAP1400 PWR Demonstration Engineering I&C Equipments Development Procurement Contract” in Shanghai. The signing ceremony was presided by the Secretary of Party Committee of SNPEC, Cao Yongzheng. The General Manager of SNPAS, Qiu Shaoyang and the General Manager of SNPEC, Sun Wenke, respectively represented the both parties signed the contract.
      The chairman of SNPAS, Li Qiang, Deputy General Manager of SNPEC, Zhu Genfu, respectively representing the both parties, made a speech, and expected both parties to take their respective advantages, on the basis of earlier work, take the opportunity of this contract, make concerted effort to push the self-reliance and localization of CAP1400 PWR demonstration engineering I&C equipments, so as to fill in the gap in the field of domestic nuclear power digital I&C.
      Since establishment, SNPAS has been taking the national major project, self-reliance and localization of nuclear power digital I&C system as the work center all the time, through full participation into the AP1000 self-reliance project engineering construction, achieving a great breakthrough in the development of nuclear digital I&C system core equipments and special equipments. The signing of this I&C equipments development procurement contract symbolizes the self-reliance and localization of 3rd generation nuclear power digital I&C system of our country entering into the engineering implementation problems-tackling stage; also is a key milestone of R&D achievement of national major project I&C system undertaken by SNPAS turning to engineering products. SNPAS will base on the demonstration engineering project to achieve the target of nuclear power digital I&C self-reliance R&D, design, manufacture, integration, commissioning and whole life-cycle service.